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    Concussion Experts in Phoenix, Arizona

    Barrow Concussion Network FAQ

    Is membership in the Barrow Concussion Network required by AIA?

    No. This is an optional program offered by Barrow Neurological Institute and AT Still University to all AIA member schools.

    Does the Barrow Concussion Network replace Brainbook?

    No. Brainbook is concussion education required by the AIA. The Barrow Concussion Network is for concussion management and resources.

    What does the Barrow Concussion Network do?

    There are four primary components to the Barrow Concussion Network:

    1. Baseline concussion testing. Through a generous grant from Dick’s Sporting Goods, Barrow Concussion Network members have free access to ImPACT pre- and post-injury testing. Education and training is available if you are not familiar with administration and interpretation.
    2. Professional education. Educational materials and information are provided on discussion boards. Material may be uploaded and downloaded by members for review and utilization.
    3. Concussion research. A statewide concussion database has been established to monitor and track high school athlete concussions and recovery. This is an IRB-approved research study conducted by Barrow Neurological Institute. Athletic trainers are eligible for continuing education credit for participating in this research.
    4. Concussion consultation. The Barrow Concussion Network provides real-time consults with concussion experts throughout the state. Cases can also be submitted for review and professional advice on concussion management through HIPAA-compliant telemedicine tools. You can use a computer or smart phone to connect for a consultation.

    What about liability?

    Please read the complete terms and conditions of the Barrow Concussion Network for a full reference. Arizona Revised Statutes 15-341 designates an athletic trainer as a “qualified health care provider” that may “provide clearance to participate in athletic activity” after a concussion.

    Arizona Revised Statutes Title 32-4101 states that a practicing athletic trainer works “under the direction of a licensed physician.” Please communicate with your directing physician.

    How long is ImPACT available?

    Dick’s Sporting Goods has generously agreed to provide both baseline and testing after injury for the 2013-2014 academic year for AIA-eligible schools.

    What is an AIA-eligible school?

    An AIA-eligible school is defined as an AIA-member school that does not already have a license with ImPACT.

    What if my school is already using ImPACT?

    AIA-member schools already using ImPACT are not eligible for free use of ImPACT but still have access to all other components of the Barrow Concussion Network, including research and concussion consultation.

    Is training available for the Barrow Concussion Network?

    Yes. Live training will occur periodically throughout the year. Online training and tutorials are being developed.

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