Monument Valley in Arizona

Volume 19, No. 4, 2003

Table of Contents

Journal Information

Editor-in-Chief – Robert F. Spetzler, MD
President/CAO, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center – Linda Hunt

Editorial Staff
Editor – Shelley A. Kick, PhD
Production Editor – Dawn Mutchler
Editorial Assistants – Jaime Canales, Judy Wilson
Medical Illustrator – Mark Schornak, MS
Three-Dimensional Modeler – Michael Hickman
Graphic Designer – Justin Detwiler, Dawn Mutcher

Section Editors
Neurology – Timothy L. Vollmer, MD
Neurosurgery – Volker K. H. Sonntag, MD
Neurobiology – Ronald J. Lukas, PhD
Neuroanesthesiology – Peter A. Raudzens, MD
Neuroradiology – Shahram Partovi, MD
Neuropathology – Stephen W. Coons, MD
BNI News Editor – Andrew G. Shetter, MD