Father, Daughter Undergo Cavernous Malformation Surgeries at Barrow

A Mesa, Ariz., family is looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day after a father and his daughter have made remarkable recoveries following complex brain surgeries to remove the same type of rare and serious brain…

Barrow to Participate in First Platform Trial for ALS

Every 90 minutes, someone learns they have ALS and another person dies from the disease. People with ALS live about two to five years on average, and existing medications can only moderately slow the progression….

Tucson Woman Walking Thanks to Thoracic Disc Herniation Surgery

Rebecca Lester had two options: undergo a risky spine surgery with a 50 percent chance of paralysis, or do nothing and lose her ability to walk anyway. “It was all very sudden,” said Lester, now…

Nerve Transfer Surgery: Reanimating the Hand After Spinal Cord Injury

Most of us give it little thought when we pick up our coffee cup in the morning. However, the neurological process behind that task—despite occurring within milliseconds—is actually quite complex. First, the brain formulates the…

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