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  • Jan & Tom Lewis Migraine Treatment Program

    Migraine and Headache Specialists in Phoenix, Arizona

    Jan & Tom Lewis Migraine Treatment Program
    240 West Thomas Road
    Suite 400
    Phoenix, Arizona, 85013

    Parking: Use the parking garage entrance on 3rd Ave. just north of Muhammad Ali Way. Alternatively, valet parking is available along Muhammad Ali Way.

  • (602) 406-6262
  • Fax: (602) 406-6261
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    Though migraine is the most commonly known and discussed type of headache disorder, head pain can take many different forms and can have many different causes.

    At the Jan & Tom Lewis Migraine Treatment Program, our expert headache specialists have the tools and knowledge to accurately diagnose migraine and other headaches, as well as the experience and technology to minimize their effects on your daily life.

    At the most basic level, pain signals being sent by the nerves in various parts of your head to your brain are the cause of headache symptoms. These signals are your body’s way of letting you know about an underlying condition, such as intracranial hypotension, infection, or aneurysm.

    In migraine, these signals are kind of a false alarm. You feel just as much pain, but it is the nerves themselves that are having a problem—sensing pain when no pain-causing stimuli are present.

    Our team of neurologists who specialize in migraine, headaches, and headache disorders are adept at finding relief for headaches regardless of their cause. The team can tailor a migraine or headache treatment plan for the unique features of your diagnosis.

    To request an appointment with the Jan & Tom Lewis Migraine Treatment Program, or for more information, please call (602) 406-6262.

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    The Barrow leadership team, neurologists and dedicated supporters want to establish a world-class clinical and basic research center for headache and migraine that includes clinical programs, clinical trials, research and patient support. A team of neurologists and scientists, led by Kerry Knievel, DO, is in the preliminary stages of collecting data that is crucial in developing the future tests, and research necessary to grow and develop a world-class center for cutting edge clinical care and research.

    Currently, Dr. Knievel and her team of headache specialists are conducting five studies – three of which study migraine and two that study CSF leak/ intracranial hypotension. The plan is to expand both the number and scope of clinical trials, as well as engage in basic translational research to understand the genetic, environmental or inflammatory triggers that might cause migraine and other headaches.

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