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The Barrow Difference

The Barrow Difference – Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center

At the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center, we offer comprehensive care and support for individuals with movement disorders and their families. We strive to improve the quality of life for everyone who visits our Center and the greater Parkinson’s community. 

World Leader in Deep Brain Stimulation

Barrow Neurological Institute is also a world leader in deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery for the treatment of movement disorders. Our neurologists work closely with Barrow neurosurgeons in the DBS Program and have received training in the programming of DBS devices.

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Movement Disorders Rehabilitation

The Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center offers rehabilitative therapy for patients to maximize their functional performance and quality of life. Our physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists have advanced training in the management of movement disorders. They perform one-on-one evaluations and provide individualized treatment plans based on each patient’s abilities and goals.

Community Outreach & Wellness

The Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center’s Community Outreach Program is one of the most robust in the country. Through a broad range of services, we aim to help patients and their families navigate the everyday challenges of Parkinson’s disease. We offer these services regardless of a patient’s ability to pay and where they receive their medical care.  

Our outreach services include:

  • Education – We’re committed to helping people with Parkinson’s disease and their families better understand and self-manage this chronic condition. Our educational opportunities are also available to health care providers, professional caregivers, and the general public. 
  • Exercise – We strongly encourage people with Parkinson’s disease to include exercise in their treatment plan. That’s why we offer classes such as boxing, dance, yoga, Tai Chi, PWR!Moves and PWR!Circuit. 
  • Expressive Arts – Our expressive arts workshops allow people to explore self-expression and creativity, regardless of their artistic experience.
  • Support Groups – We facilitate different types of support groups across the Phoenix metropolitan area and the entire state of Arizona. These groups provide participants with information and coping strategies as well as foster camaraderie. 
  • Social Work Services – We’re committed to serving each individual’s unique needs for support, resources, and referrals.
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Hispanic Outreach Program

The Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center’s Hispanic Outreach Program delivers services in a culturally sensitive manner. Aspects of this program include:

  • Art Classes
  • Education for Patients and Care Partners
  • Exercise Classes
  • Promotores – In-home visits by trained Hispanic volunteers to provide education and support
  • Support Groups
  • Voces Unidas – Award-winning Spanish choir dedicated to raising awareness of Parkinson’s disease

Legacy Care Program 

Lonnie Ali’s vision for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center is to offer all patients the same level of personalized care that her husband received. To help achieve this goal, we created the Lonnie and Muhammad Ali Legacy Care Program.

The Legacy Care Program is a supportive care clinic focused on providing relief for the “whole person.” This means not only treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease but also addressing the emotional, psychosocial, practical, cultural, and spiritual aspects of the patient’s life. 

The Legacy Care team works closely with each patient’s neurologist to provide collaborative, patient-centered care. The team includes health care professionals with backgrounds in neuro-rehabilitation, social work, nutrition, and chaplain services. 

The program also offers in-home and telemedicine visits for eligible patients with mobility and travel challenges. These patients can communicate with their physician and access tools such as lectures, support groups, and exercise classes—all from their own home.

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