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    Neuro-Rehabilitation Experts in Phoenix, Arizona

    Neuro-Rehabilitation Specialists

    We understand that neuro-rehabilitation is an individualized, challenging, and sometimes frustrating journey. Our specialists will approach your recovery with patience, positivity, and teamwork. We treat a variety of neurological conditions and are committed to helping you reach your goals.

    Physical Therapists

    Physical therapy can serve as an alternative to surgery for some conditions or help you improve your physical function after surgery. If you’ve experienced a loss of function due to a neurological injury or disorder, physical therapy may help you regain mobility, balance, and strength. Our physical therapists will evaluate you as an individual and tailor exercises to meet your specific needs and goals. Many of our therapists undergo training in specific neuro-rehabilitation technologies, such as our robotic exoskeletons.

    Rehabilitation Nurses

    We believe every neuro-rehabilitation patient should have a knowledgeable, attentive, and compassionate nurse as part of their care team. We have several dozen nurses, many of whom have obtained a special rehabilitation nursing certification from the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses. Rehabilitation nurses focus on the whole patient, addressing medical, vocational, educational, and environmental needs. Your rehab nurse will work with other specialists on your care team to create a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your abilities and goals. Your nurse will also provide education and support for your family members and other caregivers.

    Occupational Therapists

    A neurological injury or disorder may affect your ability to perform everyday tasks, such as dressing, cooking, eating, and driving. Occupational therapists are creative problem-solvers who aim to help people return to productive and fulfilling lives at home, work, school, and in the community. Whether it’s by demonstrating new ways of performing tasks, recommending assistive devices, or identifying modifications you can make to your home or work environment, an occupational therapist can help you adapt to changes in your abilities and maximize your independence.


    A neurological injury or disorder may cause changes in your thinking, mood, or behavior. Our neuropsychologists are experienced in pinpointing these changes and why they are happening through a series of standardized tests. A neuropsychologist can evaluate a wide range of cognitive processes, such as reasoning, memory, language, and coping skills. Using their assessment, a neuropsychologist will make recommendations for treating changes in cognitive functions.

    Rehabilitation Psychologists

    Rehabilitation psychologists strive to maximize health, independence, and quality of life in people with disabilities and chronic health conditions. They do this by performing assessments, consultations, interventions, psychoeducation, and referral services. They can help you and your family adjust to your health condition or disability and address changes in your emotions, behaviors, and thought processes.

    Speech Therapists

    Strokes, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and neurodegenerative disorders can all result in speech or swallowing problems. These may include difficulty comprehending language, expressing yourself through speech, or projecting your voice. Barriers to communication can diminish your social interactions and swallowing problems can impact your health. Our speech-language pathologists are experienced in treating speech and swallowing problems caused by a variety of neurological conditions.

    For more information about brain injury rehabilitation in Phoenix at Barrow Neurological Institute, please call (602) 406-7342

    About Barrow Neurological Institute
    Since our doors opened as a regional specialty center in 1962, we have grown into one of the premier destinations in the world for neurology and neurosurgery. Our experienced, highly skilled, and comprehensive team of neurological specialists can provide you with a complete spectrum of care–from diagnosis through outpatient neurorehabilitation–under one roof. Barrow Neurological Institute: Discover. Educate. Heal.